An Angel named Free
Came to me and said,
“They’ll let you eat Cat Food for Dinner.
Don’t let them **** with your head.

As you spoon it down, and
With a smile on their face…
‘Taste good?’ They’ll inquire
As they keep you in your place.”

I told the Angel Free
“Cat food sounds legit!
The people feeding me
Only serve me ****.

What I gotta do…
To get this cat food of which you speak?
Let’s make a deal,
But only if it’s bona fide Meow Mix, guaranteed!

I compose… play violin,
Studied Theater at Tisch.
I can sing a song, dance a dance
Paint a picture, if you wish.”

The Angel, Free, shocked to hear,
Exclaimed “Boy! You eat shit?!
That Education didn’t help…
You got to #work on it!

I’m sorry son, you need to hear it,
They read you like an open book.
Fix your Mind, your Body, and your Spirit.
Kid, lose that ‘Feed Me’ look.

Decide to handle Business.
Pennies, Nickels, Quarters, Dimes.
Economically speaking, though Art is nice,
All they can pay you for… is Time.”

My face turned red, I bowed my head…
No longer ignorant.
“Thank you angel Free,” I said
“I’m gonna work on it!”

Nom nom nom nom Nom nom nom
Now that’s some tasty ****!
Nom nom nom nom Nom nom nom
Now that’s some tasty ****.

– for Free

Exclusive GRBK #MUSIC GROUP™ Alternative Rock Artist