Sometimes lovers
just need ‪space‬.
Learn to ask for it…
with grace.

Done in ‪‎time‬,
is also best,
If ‪‎intended‬
off your chest.

I love you!
could just be said
but that’s way over
both our heads.

Fearing courage
that starts The End
Though fearlessness
gives your best friend

Back to you
In your arms.
The only face I want to see.

Back to you
In our bed.
The only place I want to be.

Why we have these stupid fights?
I love you! You loves me?
Why we have these sleepless nights?
maybe We don’t need to dream?

I’ve got you babe. What’s more to have?
Wasn’t that the dream?
Sleepless nights in living dreams
Is all my body needs.

You’re all my body wanted
You’re all my soul needs.
You’re all my body needed
I have my living dream

Thank you, Baby.
I’ll be kind
I’ll give the dog a bath.
Thank you, Baby.

I’ll be sweet
and Promise to make you laugh

Out loud!
Scream and shout.
More than you ever have.

It’s fun!
You’ll be proud.
Of all the times you had.

-for Olivia Mojica

Exclusive GRBK #MUSIC GROUP™ Alternative Rock Artist